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Good Reads

Towers of Stone, by J.L. Crawford, summarizes the essence of Zion National Park, its landscape, plants, animals, and human history.

Zion: Canyoneering, by Tom Jones, shows you how to explore the park's most dramatic landscapes.

An Introduction to the Geology of Zion, by Al Warneke, is a good pick for information on Zion's geology.

The Zion Tunnel, from Slickrock to Switchback, by Donald T. Garate, tells the fascinating story of the construction of the mile-long Zion Tunnel in the 1920s.

Zion National Park: Sanctuary in the Desert, by Nicky Leach, gives you a photographic overview and a narrative journey through the park.

Zion Natural History Association. Contact the Zion Natural History Association for books and more. Zion National Park, UT. 800/635–3959. zionpark.org.

Updated: 2014-03-12

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