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Top Reasons to Go to Zion National Park

Eye candy: Pick just about any trail in the park and it’s all but guaranteed to culminate in an astounding viewpoint full of pink, orange, and crimson rock formations.

Auto immunity: From spring through autumn, cars are generally not allowed in Zion Canyon, allowing for a quiet and peaceful park.

Botanical wonderland: Zion Canyon is home to approximately 900 species of plants, more than anywhere else in Utah.

Animal tracks: Zion has expansive hinterlands where furry, scaly, and feathered residents are common. Hike long enough and you'll encounter deer, elk, rare lizards, birds of prey, and other zoological treats.

Unforgettable canyoneering: Zion's array of rugged slot canyons is the richest place on earth for scrambling, rappelling, climbing, and descending.

Updated: 2014-03-12

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