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Salt Lake City Itineraries

If You Have 3 Days

The best place to start in Salt Lake City is downtown. Spend your first day visiting Temple Square, shopping The Gateway Mall, and enjoying an evening walk in Memory Grove or City Creek Canyon. On Day 2, if it’s a hot summer day, start at Great Salt Lake before the sun becomes unbearable, then retreat to the State Capitol, main library, or governor’s mansion for air-conditioned sightseeing. On your third day, head to Park City or Sundance Resort for crisp air, first-class dining, and a glimpse of the jet set.

If You Have 5 Days

Spend two full days in downtown Salt Lake City. Use your entire first day to visit the sites at Temple Square, Gateway, Gallivan Center, or City Creek Canyon. On your second day, start with a tour of the Kearns (Governor’s) Mansion, then walk the architectural masterpiece of the main library. Head east to the University of Utah, where you can check out the Utah Museum of Natural History, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and Red Butte Garden. If the weather’s good, head outdoors to Hogle Zoo, or walk the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Spend your third day browsing the historic Sugarhouse neighborhood, complete with a picnic at Sugarhouse Park. Then escape the city, because some of America’s best wilderness is under an hour’s drive. Explore Great Salt Lake on Day 4 via Antelope Island and the Fielding Gar Ranch. Finally, head up the mountain on day 5 to Park City, where historic Main Street has plenty of shopping and dining options where you can spend your last pennies.

If You Have 7 Days

Spend your first five days as outlined above. Take advantage of the city's great cultural offerings and restaurants at night. Depending on the season, take in a soccer or basketball game, or go to a play or concert in the evening. Rent bikes and head up a canyon if you’re fit—or jog through one of the city’s great parks. Farther out, you might enjoy the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine on Day 6, and the Pony Express Trail, Golden Spike, and Ogden areas on Day 7.

Updated: 2014-05-20

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