Fishing in Bear Lake State Park



The Logan River and Blacksmith Fork are blue-ribbon trout streams. You can pull indigenous Bear Lake cutthroat, which are found nowhere else in the world, out of Bear Lake, or join the locals in dip-netting Bear Lake cisco when they come to shore to spawn in January. Warm-water species are found in abundance in Mantua Reservoir, 4 mi east of Brigham City on U.S. 89. In the Bear River, it's mostly carp these days. For a novelty fishing experience, boat out to the middle of Tony Grove Lake and use a long line with plenty of sinkers to land one of the rare albino trout that frequent the depths of the lake.

You can get a fishing license at most local sporting goods stores, but if you want to obtain your license online, go to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Web site. Bear Lake State Park, UT. 877/592–5169.

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