Getting Here and Around in Vernal


Getting Here and Around

Though far from pretty much everything, it's simple to reach Vernal. From Green River, go 75 mi north via U.S. 191. From Salt Lake City, first go 25 mi via I-80, then go 145 mi east via U.S. 40/U.S. 191.

Meet Dinah

Vernal is packed to the gills with dinosaur replicas, but none are as famous as the tall, pink one towering over U.S. 40 on the east side of town. Dinah, as she's known around town, has long eyelashes and a girlish smile, and has become Vernal's unofficial mascot over the years. She was originally built in the early 1970s to hold the sign for the now-defunct Dine-A-Ville motel. After that venture went belly-up, the city took over her care and eventually moved her to the current location.


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