Though considered a controversial pastime in certain parts of the country, hunting is a favorite hobby among many Texans, and the Llano Basin has the highest density of whitetail deer in the Unites States. As a result, Llano Country is considered by many hunters to be the Deer Hunting Capital of Texas. In the fall, when hunters head to West Texas through Llano, you'll see big pickup trucks towing trailers with deer blinds, feeders, ATVs, and camping gear. In fact, banners are strung across the main streets welcoming hunters to town. There are a number of leases available for hunting deer, quail, dove, and turkey in the Llano area as well as exotic game ranches that attract hunters from across the nation.

Those interested in a lease can check the lease list at the Llano Chamber of Commerce. Hunting licenses and a Hunter's Education certification are required for all in-state and out-of-state hunters. Hunting and fishing licenses are available at most sporting-goods stores, gun shops, and some department stores across the state. See the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Web site for more details.


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