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Getting There & Around

There's no trouble getting to the DFW area. The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is one of the busiest hubs in the world, hosting 21 national and international airlines. Domestic commercial flights also land at Love Field in Dallas. You can arrive in Fort Worth or Dallas via Amtrak or Greyhound as well. Of course, driving your own car into town is a good option; you'll appreciate having that car even more as you travel from site to site.

Public transit is an evolving industry in the area. You can certainly use the bus system in Fort Worth and the bus and light-rail system in Dallas and some of its suburbs, but the lines are not as ubiquitous or as helpful as in cities such as New York and Chicago. You can get by with public transit in some areas, but it requires determination, research, and patience. To reach some outlying attractions and even some major ones, you'll need access to a car—your own, a taxi, or a rental.

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