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Incredible Shopping. Dallas, the city that gave the world Neiman Marcus, continually raises the standards for spending money with style. The Metroplex (Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding suburbs) boasts acres of shopping malls, stores, and boutiques, from high-end to discount.

Top Art Museums. Fort Worth and Dallas house important collections of art and regularly host major international exhibits.

Stellar Dining. Sure you'll find Tex-Mex and barbecue here, but you'll also discover fine-dining experiences and multicultural influences.

Year-round Activities. It's possible to enjoy outdoor activities for about eight months of the year, and there are plenty of festivals, fairs, and parades to entertain every member of your family.

History Lessons. Not all the area's history revolves around the 1963 Kennedy assassination. History buffs will also find re-creations of frontier life and architecture that reflect power and wealth in the early 20th century.

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