Big Bend National Park Sports & Activities

Spectacular and varied scenery plus more than 300 miles of road spell adventure for hikers, bikers, horseback riders, or those simply in need of a ramble on foot or by Jeep. A web of dusty, unpaved roads lures adventuresome drivers and experienced hikers deep into the backcountry, while paved roads make shorter trails and scenic overlooks more accessible. Because the park has nearly half of the bird species in North America, birding ranks high. Boating is also popular, because some of the park's most striking features are accessible only via the Rio Grande.


Mountain biking the backcountry roads can be so solitary that you're unlikely to encounter another human being. However, the solitude also means...


Situated on north–south migratory pathways, Big Bend is home to approximately 450 species of birds—more than any other national park. In fact...

Boating and Rafting

Much is made of the park's hiking trails and the exquisite views they offer. Likewise, the watery pathway that is the Rio Grande should be mentioned...


You can cast a line into the Rio Grande all year for free, as long as you obtain a permit from one of the park's visitor centers. You cannot...


Each of the park's zones has its own appeal. The east side offers demanding mountain hikes, border canyons, limestone aplenty, and sandy washes...

Jeep Tours

Wheeled traffic is welcome in the park, up to a point. RVs, trucks, cars, and Jeeps are allowed in designated areas, though personal ATV use...

Multisport Outfitters

Angell Expeditions. A smaller outfitter, Charlie Angell customizes river- and land-based tours to fit the needs of his clients. Based out of...


Though it might be tempting to doff sweat-drenched T-shirts in favor of bathing suits, be careful where you take your dips. The Rio Grande has...


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