Big Bend National Park Experiences


Big Bend National Park Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Big Bend National Park

    Varied terrain: Visit thorny desert, a fabled river, bird-filled woods, and mountain spirals all in the same day. Wonderful wildlife: Catch... Read more

  • Good Reads

    Naturalist's Big Bend, by Roland H. Wauer and Carl M. Fleming, paints a picture of the park's diverse plants and animals. Big Bend, The Story... Read more

  • Bluebonnets: the Pride of Texas

    Ever since men first explored the prairies of Texas, the bluebonnet has been revered. American Indians wove folktales around this bright... Read more

  • Plants and Wildlife in Big Bend

    Because Big Bend contains habitats as diverse as spent volcanoes, slick-sided canyons, and the Rio Grande, it follows that species here are... Read more

  • Buffalo Soldiers

    During the Indian Wars of 1866 through 1892, the U.S. government enlisted vast numbers of black soldiers to serve in its cavalry. Those who entered... Read more

  • Best Campgrounds in Big Bend

    The park's copious campsites are separated, roughly, into two categories—frontcountry and backcountry. Each of its four frontcountry sites, except... Read more


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