Big Bend National Park Feature


Top Reasons to Go to Big Bend National Park

Varied terrain: Visit thorny desert, a fabled river, bird-filled woods, and mountain spirals all in the same day.

Wonderful wildlife: Catch sight of the park's extremely diverse animals, including bands of swarthy javelinas, reclusive mountain lions, and lumbering black bears.

Bird-watching: Spy a pied-billed grebe or another member of the park's more than 400 bird species, including the Lucifer hummingbird and the unique-to-this-area pato mexicano (Mexican duck).

Hot spots: Dip into the natural hot springs (105°F) near Rio Grande Village.

Mile-high mountains: Lace up those hiking boots and climb the Chisos Mountains, reaching almost 8,000 feet skyward in some places and remaining cool even during the most scorching Southwest summer.

Updated: 2014-03-07

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