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Top Reasons to Go to Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills

Underground exploring: Wind Cave offers visitors the chance to get their hands and feet dirty on a four-hour guided tour through one of American's longest and most complex caves.

The call of the wild: Wind Cave National Park boasts a wide variety of animals: bison, coyote, deer, antelope, elk, prairie dogs, and 37 species of birds, to name just a few.

Education by candlelight: Wind Cave offers numerous educational and interpretive programs, including the Candlelight Cave Tour, which allows guests to explore the cave only by candlelight.

Noteworthy neighbors: On the north border of Wind Cave sits Custer State Park, one of South Dakota's can't-miss areas. With its close proximity to numerous other national parks, state parks, and other monuments and memorials, Wind Cave is situated perfectly to explore some of American's greatest national treasures.

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