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American History: More than 70 buildings dating to the 1700s still stand in Germantown, including the Germantown White House, which for two summers was the seat of government. The history of the neighborhood and the nation are told within these structures.

The Schmitter: Head to McNallly's Tavern at the top of Chestnut Hill for one of the great bar sandwiches of all time, the Schmitter. Good enough to make you forget the more traditional cheesesteak (momentarily, at least), it tops its steak, cheese, and fried onions with the added goodness of fried salami and a special sauce, all on a Kaiser roll.

Mountain biking: Believe it or not, there are some serious mountain-bike trails along the steep wooded hillsides near Valley Green, one of the best areas in the city's massive Fairmount Park system.

Main Street Manayunk: Spend a pleasant afternoon in Manayunk, ambling along the tow path, window shopping, and refueling in bars along the way.

Walking Chestnut Hill: If you like strolling around neighborhoods, looking at people's homes, and deciding which ones you'd like to live in, the residential streets of Chestnut Hill are right up your alley. They range from the gracious homes of the turn of the 19th century to 1960s funky glass boxes.

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