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Philadelphia Cheesesteaks

Philly's best-known culinary creation is simple in theory but complex in the details of its execution. Begin with the basic hoagie roll, which should be slightly crusty with a good amount of chew—Amoroso's is a popular choice. Add to that extremely thin-sliced strips of top round, grilled over a bed of onions until well browned. Then, if you want the full effect, order your sandwich "Whiz wit," meaning with a ladle of Cheez Whiz and friend onions. Other cheeses may also be used, including American and provolone, depending on the cultural etiquette of the particular establishment. As befitting a cultural touchstone, there are many other homages on Philly menus, including chicken cheesesteaks, cheesesteak egg rolls, even vegetarian cheesesteaks. In fact, Philadelphians are so enamored of their signature sandwich that even high-end restaurants pay their respects—including a famous $100 Wagyu rib-eye–and–foie gras version at Stephen Starr's Rittenhouse Square steak house, Barclay Prime.

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