At Plain & Fancy Farm, Amish Country Tours has large bus or minivan excursions. Most popular is the two-hour Amish farmlands trip, with a visit to a farmhouse, a wine tasting, and shopping for crafts; tours to Hershey are available on Tuesday. Brunswick Tours has private guides who accompany you in your car. The company also has a self-guided audio tour with 28 stops that begins at the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau and takes three to four hours. The Mennonite Information Center has local Mennonite guides who join you in your car. These knowledgeable escorts lead you to country roads, produce stands, and Amish crafts shops and also acquaint you with their religion.

Smoketown Aviation offers 18-minute flights in a four-seater plane (pilot plus three) that gives you a splendid aerial view of rolling farmlands.

Tour Contacts

Amish Country Tours (3121 Old Philadelphia Pike, Rte. 340, Bird-in-Hand, PA, 17505. 717/768–3600.

Brunswick Tours (120 Ridgeview Road North, Elizabethtown, PA, 17022. 717/361–7541 or 800/979–8687.

Smoketown Aviation (311 Airport Dr., off Rte. 340, Smoketown, PA. 717/394–6476.)

Mennonite Information Center (2209 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, PA, 17602. 717/299–0954 or 800/858–8320.

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