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The Ohio State Buckeyes, Sloopy, and the TBDBITL

As any Ohioan proudly proclaims, the state is the home of The Best Damn Band in the Land. That's TBDBITL (pronounced ti-bittle), for short, and we're not talking about an orchestra here. We're talking about a marching band, THE marching band—the Ohio State University Marching Band ( Over the years, Ohio State's band has been recognized nationally and internationally for its performances, traditions, and innovations. Hearing TBDBITL break into Ohio State's fight songs ("Buckeye Battle Cry" and "Across The Field") is sure to evoke a swell of pride in each and every Buckeye fan and Ohio State alum. Many say TBDBITL's most spectacular achievement is a formation known as "Script Ohio." The 192 band members march onto the field single file, creating the perfectly formed letters "O-h-i-o". Script Ohio, first performed in 1936, is now the band's trademark. Another high spot in the band's history was its discovery of a little ditty called "Hang on Sloopy." Since about 1965, the song has become a hymn of sorts for Ohio State football fans. Expect to hear it during time-outs, at the end of the third quarter, and at any intense moments during a game. (Sometimes, hearing 95,000 fans sing and sway to "Sloopy" in Ohio Stadium is just what the Bucks need to "win this game today.") The "Sloopy" phenomenon even captured the Ohio legislature; it became the official state rock song in 1985.

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