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Raw bars serve oysters and clams on the half shell; some seafood houses sell each day's local catch, be it tuna, wahoo, mahi, mackerel, shrimp, or blue crabs. This is, after all, the coast, though highly trained chefs are settling in the region and increasingly diversifying menus. Seafood dishes—broiled, fried, grilled, or steamed—are listed alongside entrées fusing Asian, European, and Latin flavors with traditional Southern ingredients such as black-eyed peas.

Expect up to hour-long waits, sometimes longer, at many restaurants during summer and festival periods. Many places don't accept reservations. Restaurant hours are frequently reduced in winter, and some restaurants in remote beach communities close for a month or more. Only the most upscale, pricey restaurants call for a tie; usually a collared shirt will do. Casual dress (shorts and polo shirts) is acceptable in most restaurants.

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