The North Carolina Coast Features


The North Carolina Coast Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Water, water everywhere: Surfers delight in Cape Hatteras's formidable waves. Kayakers and boaters prefer the Crystal Coast's sleepy estuaries... Read more

  • North Carolina Beaches

    "Endless beaches" is hardly an overstatement when it comes to North Carolina's coast. From the north end's Outer Banks to the Central Coast's... Read more

  • North Carolina Lighthouses

    A flashing beacon in the distance marks one of North Carolina's "mighty seven" lighthouses that still guide mariners along the state's treacherous... Read more

  • Day Trip: North Carolina Coastal Drive

    North Carolina's coast is a string of stunning barrier islands with long, two-lane roads and hidden gems that beg exploration. The most relaxing... Read more

  • North Carolina's Pirates

    North Carolina's coast was a magnet for marauding sea dogs during the Golden Age of Piracy, a period in the first quarter of the 18th century... Read more

  • Mini-Golf

    There seems to be an unspoken competition among miniature golf courses to come up with the most outrageous themes and outlandish decor. Trams... Read more

  • Trip Tunes

    Carolina Beach Music may have been born in Myrtle Beach, SC, far south of the Outer Banks, but the happy tunes are beloved all along the North... Read more

  • First in Flight

    December 17, 1903, was a cold and windy day on the Outer Banks, but Wilbur and Orville Wright took little notice. The slightly built brothers... Read more