The North Carolina Coast Feature


Top Reasons to Go

Water, water everywhere: Surfers delight in Cape Hatteras's formidable waves. Kayakers and boaters prefer the Crystal Coast's sleepy estuaries. Beach strollers love Ocracoke's remote, unspoiled shore.

Pirate lore and hidden booty: The Graveyard of the Atlantic is littered with shipwrecks to dive. See artifacts from Blackbeard's flagshipQueen Anne's Revengeat Beaufort's North Carolina Maritime Museum. Queen Anne's Revenge at Beaufort's North Carolina Maritime Museum.

Lighting the darkness: North Carolina's seven lighthouses each has its individual personality.

The Lost Colony: In a mystery for the ages, 117 settlers disappeared without a trace. Their story is presented both in historical context and dramatic entertainment in Manteo.

Fresh seafood: You can get fresh seafood of every variety fixed in practically every method—fried, grilled, stuffed, blackened, or raw.

Updated: 09-2013

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