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    Saul Review

    So they say Michelin is not what it was. In Saul's case, we really didn't understand the 1 star it's been awarded. What we had: Foie Gras, Octopus, Bass, and Rabbit. (The food was unmemorable to the extent that I had to pull up their menu online to remember what we ordered.) I liked foie gras - but that's not hard. The service: the bartender was charming. Other wait staff seemed a little tired from standing, though it was only 10pm on a Friday night. When I asked our server about the 'doneness' that the rabbit would come in - he made me repeat the question 3 times (???) before turning to my companion, as if needing a translator. And then he said, well people don't ask about doneness of rabbit (oh well stupid customer me) and if I want it well done he could ask the kitchen. All I wanted was for him to tell me how the chef prepares it. To me it was weird - why not handle it smoothly, i.e. "the chef usually does it med-rare - *smile* - but we can try to get it however you'd like". Why he decided I'd want it well-done was strange. Why not assume I wanted it rare? Aren't kitchens usually more at risk of overcooking meat? (Even meat-centric places, e.g. Manzo, one would have to emphasize rare, and stuff would come out med-rare still.) The scene: the place was full of hipster wannabes that looked like they were on a rare outing, and delighted to be "insiders" at a "hidden gem". Not to take that away from them...but I'm weary of places that see more than a few young girls playing "dress-up" in prom-store sequin dresses and "date" clutches. Restaurateurs know the kind of people that know food.

    by downer, 1/10/11

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