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Spaetzle with Bergkaese and wild mushrooms

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    Cool but not go again.

    Pros: Ambience was fun, very NYC'ish, support staff was wonderful and friendly and helpful Cons: Hostess was very unwelcoming and waitress never checked with us again after ordered. Red sause drowns some delicate dishes. Overall user rating: Average I like the setting, up the stairs overlooking Madison Ave. was fun. But. I expected a bit more with the $20 minimum per person. A middle aged lady at the entrance, long dark hair seemed to be the hostess but did not seem happy to be there, no smile the entire time, I did not feel welcome. She brought us into a bare restaurant and began to seat us against the wall when there was an open table for the 5 of us by the window. The waitress suggested the window table to us, urging it and the one already seated and the rest of us just followed her lead. The food overall was very good. Four dishes were ordered and I really only have a comment on one. The Crepes.....too much red sauce. (Possibly a tad too much on the lobster ravioli but it was very good) It overpowered them so much that I wouldn't order it again. Oh, and my iced tea was the size of a small coctail as was a seltzer with lemon. Service was confusing. Our waitress took our order and delivered our small drinks and she never checked on us again. We had to ask bus boys for water, more bread, more wine. Oh, they went to retrieve the waitress to order the wine. Towards the end of the meal, another gentleman seemed to take over and was attentive. I had seen her standing over by the little bar seeming to be watching her tables, not that there were many customers, but she never once checked on us the entire time we were there. Annoying. I think if you want to charge the price and want return customers you need to make sure each person is doing there job. I will not return with my out of town guests and will not recommend at this time.

    by MsDawg, 4/4/08

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