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  • New York City Today

    The phrase "in a New York minute" is clichéd for a reason: in this frenetic city, things really do change in a flash. These days, foodies are still... Read more

  • Top Attractions in NYC

    The largest art museum in the Western Hemisphere, the Met is a mecca for art lovers of all stripes. Treasures from all over the world and every... Read more

  • Visit New York City Like A Local

    New Yorkers love their city—and with good reason, as there’s no place like it on earth. Living here can be challenging, from the high rents to... Read more

  • TV Show Tapings in New York City

    Tickets to tapings of TV shows are free, but can be hard to get on short notice. Most shows accept advance requests by email, phone, or online—but... Read more

  • Free and Almost Free Things to Do in New York City

    Sometimes it seems like everything in New York costs too much but, in fact, the city has tons of free (or almost free) attractions and activities;... Read more

  • Architecture in Midtown NYC

    Midtown is the heart of the city during the workday. From every direction, people pour into the city to give it a jolt of energy. That vibrancy is... Read more

  • Halloween in the Village

    All things weird and wonderful, all creatures great and small, all things witty and fantastical, New York City has them all—and on All Hallows'... Read more

  • NYC's Waterfront Parks

    If Central Park makes you think, "Been there, done that," head to one of the city's several waterfront parks. Many New Yorkers are just discovering... Read more

  • New York City with Kids

    From space shuttles to vintage trains, climbing walls to climbing coasters, kite-flying festivals to hot dog–eating contests, not to mention zoos,... Read more

  • NYC Museums, an Overview

    From the grand institutions along 5th Avenue’s museum mile to an underground museum in a converted subway station in Brooklyn, to the dramatic new... Read more

  • New York City Festivals

    There’s always something going on New York City but if you want to put a finger on the real pulse of New York, you should participate in a big... Read more

  • Sightseeing New York City

    Sometimes a guided tour is a great idea, even if you usually prefer flying solo. They can be a great way to investigate out-of-the-way areas, or... Read more

  • Writing and Buying Books in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn has been a mecca for writers and literature since the days of Uncle Tom's Cabin, written by a preacher's daughter in Brooklyn Heights.... Read more

  • Eat Like a Local

    A handful of foods are associated with New York City: apples (obviously), pizza, pastrami, hot dogs, bagels—the list of earthly delights is long... Read more

  • New York Shopping Deals

    Everyone loves a bargain—including a temporary New Yorker. Scoring a good deal is a rite of passage, and the city offers everything from low-cost... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to New York City

    Landmarks: With towering edifices and awe-inspiring bridges, the skyline says it all. Shopping: Whether you're in the market for top designers or... Read more

  • SoHo and NoLIta Architecture

    There are plenty of beautiful people in SoHo and NoLIta, but tilt your eyes up, beyond the turn-of-the-20th-century lampposts adorned with cast-iron... Read more

  • Bleecker Street's Little Italy

    Little Italy can be besieged by slow-moving crowds, touristy shops, and restaurant hosts hollering invitations to dine inside. Bleecker Street... Read more

  • Art in Rockefeller Center

    The mosaics, murals, and sculptures that grace Rockefeller Center—many of them Art Deco masterpieces—were all part of John D. Rockefeller... Read more

  • Harlem Gospel Tours

    For the past decade, the popularity of Sunday gospel tours has surged. While some in the community see it as an opportunity to broaden horizons and... Read more

  • Harlem's Jazz Age

    It was in Harlem that Billie Holiday got her first singing job, Duke Ellington made his first recording, and Louis Armstrong was propelled to... Read more

  • Dance, Opera, Music . . .

    In addition to theater, New York is one of the premier cities in the world for ballet and contemporary dance, opera, and classical music. Start your... Read more

  • Broadway and Off-Broadway—What's the Difference?

    There are roughly 40 Broadway theaters in New York, and although you might expect their shows to be the best ones in town, the definition depends on... Read more

  • Buying Tickets at Full Price

    What do tickets sell for, anyway? The average price paid for a Broadway show is hovering around $100; and not counting the limited "premium seat"... Read more

  • Best Tips for Broadway

    Whether you're handing over hundreds of dollars for a top seat or shoestringing it in with a standing-room ticket, you'll have better Broadway... Read more

  • Buying Discount Tickets

    The cheapest—though chanciest—ticket opportunities are found at participating theater box offices on the day of the performance. These rush... Read more

  • The Gangs of Five Points

    In the mid-19th century the Five Points area was perhaps the city's most notorious and dangerous neighborhood. The confluence of five... Read more

  • Art Galleries in Chelsea

    Good art, bad art, edgy art, downright disturbing art—it's all here waiting to please and provoke in the contemporary art capital of the world.... Read more

  • The Lights of the Empire State Building

    At night the Empire State Building (ESB) lights up the Manhattan skyline with a colorful view as awe-inspiring from a distance as the view from the... Read more

  • Filmmaking in Astoria

    Hollywood may be the king of moviemaking now, but in the early days of sound, Queens was where it was at. In the 1920s such stars as Gloria Swanson,... Read more

  • Romantic Hotels in New York City

    As the English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh once wrote, "Romance is a love affair in other than domestic surroundings." Indeed, many high-end hotels... Read more

  • Best NYC Hotels for Kids

    Many New York hotels go out of their way to accommodate families, with special amenities and family-size rooms. However, a hotel claiming that it's... Read more

  • Lodging Alternatives in New York City

    For your trip to New York, you may want a little more space than the city's typically tiny hotel rooms provide. Some travelers consider apartment... Read more

  • Department Store Discounts in New York City

    If you don't have one of these stores in the state where you live, take advantage of special discounts available by showing a state ID card. Bloomingdale's: Go... Read more

  • Cool Local Chains in NYC

    New Yorkers in the know hit these fabulous local chains for unique frocks and the best of the city's one-stop shopping. Read more

  • East Village Architecture

    The East Village's reputation for quirkiness is evidenced not only by its residents and sites but also in the many incongruous structures that... Read more

  • NYC Karaoke Clubs

    If you're looking for a venue other than your shower to bust out a rendition of Queen's "Somebody to Love," you're in good company. Otherwise-jaded... Read more

  • NYC Street Vendor Shopping

    If you're looking for original or reproduced artwork, the two areas to visit for street vendors are the stretch of 5th Avenue in front of the... Read more

  • NYC Restaurant Chains Worth a Taste

    When you're on the go or don't have time for a leisurely meal, there are several very good chain restaurants and sandwich bars that have popped up... Read more

  • Popular NYC Hotel Bars

    Some of the city's most stylish bars and lounges are in hotels. These boîtes occasionally require crossing a velvet-roped entrance, but most extend... Read more

  • New York's Film Festivals

    New York's extreme diversity is what makes it a cinephile's heaven: you’ll find dozens of festivals for niche interests and for those just... Read more

  • NYC Film Series and Revivals

    Although many of the screens listed here also show first-run releases, old favorites and rarities are the heart of their programming. These... Read more

  • NYC Holiday Markets

    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, holiday markets—rows of wooden stalls, many with red-and-white-stripe awnings—spring up around town. The... Read more


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