'Breaking Bad'-Inspired Café Opens in Brooklyn

Posted by Chantel Delulio on August 31, 2016 at 4:51:00 PM EDT | Post a Comment

Breaking Bad Brooklyn: Walter's Cafe

Fans of the television series Breaking Bad will now be able to sip a cup of Joe that Heisenberg himself would be impressed with. Walter’s Coffee Roastery, a coffee shop that opened recently in Brooklyn, is a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop where customers order off menus shaped like the periodic table of elements and drink out of beaker-shaped glasses and hazmat suit yellow mugs. But the Breaking Bad look isn’t just a gimmick. Skeptics can rest assured that when it comes to the quality of its coffee, there are no half-measures. Michael Fernandez, the shop’s Head of Coffee and Shop Manager, is dedicated to making coffee that is simple and high-quality.

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Photo: Walter's Coffee Roastery

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I grew up in the shadow of the Appalachians in western Maryland. I received my B.A. in English literature from Washington College and moved to Los Angeles, where I’ve fallen in love with the gorgeous weather and abundance of food trucks.

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