Getting Here and Around in Fire Island


Getting Here and Around

On Fire Island, only Robert Moses State Park, on the west end, and Smith Point County Park, on the opposite end, are accessible by car, so plan on taking a ferry. If you drive to the ferry, park your car in one of the lots by the boat terminals. Alternatively, consider taking the Long Island Rail Road to a South Shore village with ferry service (Sayville or Patchogue, for example).

Three passenger ferries service Fire Island. The Sayville Ferry Service shuttles from Sayville to Cherry Grove, the Pines, and Sailor's Haven. Fire Island Ferries links Bay Shore, on the mainland, with eight Fire Island communities, including Fair Harbor, Kismet, Ocean Bay Park, Ocean Beach, Saltaire, and Seaview. Davis Park Ferry runs from Patchogue to Davis Park and Watch Hill. The services offer long-term parking, (from $8 weekdays to $38 weekends) on the mainland side. Round-trips are about $16, depending on your destination.


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