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    This place was a dump!

    Do not be fooled by the pictures, web pages, etc. about this place – or the 3 diamonds in AAA guide from long ago w/ diff owners. Motel 6, but with an attempt at looking historic. Arrived at San Geronimo Aug 08, found that things far diff than advertised. Grounds extremely unkempt, uncared for - looked like not open for biz - no one there, no lights on, etc. Garbage cans, tools, lawn mower & lots of other things laying around, out in the open. Weeds, overgrowth all over. Condition of exterior poor. Verandas in poor shape, dangerous - many nails sticking up out of the boards of the deck, many loose/uneven boards (excellent place for children, or adults, to have a great fall) Everything quite dirty: light fixtures, furniture, windows, doors, et al. Chairs/tables on verandas are cheap plastic type. Rooms dark/dingy, smell of must/mold. Dirty stained carpet. Terrible linens/bedding. Moldy bathroom, missing grout, dirty caulking. No cross ventilation. 2 fans provided in room – 1 barely moved airl, the other squeaky/rattling. Old uncomfortable mattresses. Faded, outdated décor, pictures. Old/dirt curtains.Picture of rooms on website doctored, looks far different from reality. Hotel smelled old, dank, musty, and moldy. Seats in dining area foldable plastic chairs. Pictures of lodge dining area on web not like reality. Web pics look bright/cheery, but reality is dark/dingy setting. Pool area was messy, junk (tools, buckets, etc.) all over the place. Tried to address some of this w/ owners. They made no offers to help remedy any of the issues in the room. They explained that they knew that the property has some “deferred maintenance” needs. This was putting it mildly, the place is a wreck. Woman owner would not speak to us or even make eye contact with us when we explained that we were having problems w/ room. Seems that owners did not care. When discussing the issue with the male owner, his wife just waved us off (no eye contact, no discussion) & said to her husband, “just let them go, I don’t want them here”. So apparently if you do not like anything about this place and raise it, you had best not do so if you want any chance of cust svc. Speaking w/ owners, I was asking about the rate they wanted to charge us as it was diff than what was on brochure or in AAA. While mentioning the rate on the brochure (as it was in my hand), one of the owners told me that “it was not one of [their] brochures”. I picked it up from the counter at front desk right in front of him. I handed the owner (man) brochure & he raised his eyebrows & said “oh”. Owners of hotel want $149/night, + charge if there more than 2 people. Far from being any where near the caliber to charge such rates - other chain establishments in the area charge half of this, are at least clean/safe. Attitude/response from owners were unhelpful, rude. Other reviews are clearly friends of the owners. $50 less gets same as motel 6, $50 more for HUGE step up in quality.

    by thaidragon, 8/18/08

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