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    Sagebrush Inn Review

    Beware! A foul wind blows through Taos, New Mexico! At the Sagebrush, you may face an incompetent, disingenuous staff and negligent management, from whom this review will undoubtedly draw comment. Allow me to elaborate. I booked a room for my family at the Sagebrush Inn a month in advance of a state conference sponsored by a national organization that trains New Mexico educators. My team leader booked at a nearby hotel. When I asked him why, he said in his experience the quality of rooms at the Sagebrush did not match that of surrounding hotels. Foolishly, I came to my own conclusions on the basis of their websites. When my family arrived at the Sagebrush after a full day of driving with our two-month-old infant, we found that our “deluxe suite” smelled of mildew and hadn’t been dusted in weeks. A smarm of flies covered the far wall , where a door opened onto a porch that faced a busy construction site. This room listed as a $149/night value! My wife aptly compared it to a grave. I immediately called the front desk, and they sent a maintenance worker with a roll of fly paper. Once it was clear to us the Sagebrush did not plan to offer us alternate accommodations or purchase such accommodations for us from a local competitor, we began frantically searching for a room. We were five hours from home with a crying baby, and I was due to present in front of a hundred people the following day. Within minutes, I reach a sympathetic person at the Hampton Inn (same owners?) who suggested we could find a clean room at a third hotel. Within minutes of arriving at the Sagebrush, we checked out. The next day came the big surprise! The Sagebrush had authorized our debit card, causing our balance to go negative when combined with the charges from the second hotel where they had forced us to seek refuge. When I confronted the staff at the Sagebrush, they arranged to meet me the following morning to discuss the issue. When I arrived, the manager accepted no responsibility for any charges I incurred as a result of her inability to offer us an inhabitable room. She just pointed to a sign at the counter saying it was company policy to authorize a credit/debit card at time of check in and that this would show up on debit cards as a temporary charge. (Had it been there the day before?) This was her final word on the subject. As a result of their debit authorization, it appeared I would pay $125 in overdraft charges. In summary, avoid the Sagebrush Inn in Taos.

    by conferenceguy213, 6/10/10

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