Southeastern New Mexico Feature


Top Reasons to Go Southeastern New Mexico

White Sands National Monument: Journey to Mars. The otherworldly landscape of White Sands is an amazing place any time of day; the white gypsum sands glisten and remain surprisingly cooler than you'd think.

Carlsbad Caverns: Journey to the center of the Earth. Nothing can prepare you for the visually stunning, massive scale of these incredible natural wonders. The comfortable subground temperatures are a delightful respite from the heat above.

Roswell.: Journey beyond. Even if you aren't an alien enthusiast, visiting Roswell is a fun detour—especially with kids. You'll learn why rumors and stories persist and see every variety of alien souvenirs—even plastic lawn aliens (à la those beloved pink flamingos).

Cloudcroft and Ruidoso.: Journey to the clouds. Once you've gone down, head up—way, way up—where cool alpine breezes greet you. The towns remind you of their Old West history while offering all sorts of delightful respite from the blistering heat of the lowlands.

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