Northwestern New Mexico: Places to Explore


  • Acoma Pueblo

  • Aztec

    The many Victorian brick buildings and quaint outlying residential blocks give charming Aztec, the seat of San Juan County, the feeling of a picture-book hometown. Adding to the allure are the...

  • Bloomfield-Salmon Ruins

  • Chaco Culture National Historical Park

  • El Morro National Monument

  • Farmington

    A rough-and-tumble, unpretentious town full of pickup trucks whose radio dials are programmed with country-and-western stations, Farmington sits in the heart of the Four Corners region (so called...

  • Gallup

    With a population mix of Navajo, Anglo, and Hispanic—plus a Mormon influence, a strong presence of other tribes, and a richly intertwined culture and history that reflects that mix—Gallup is a...

  • Grants

    The largest community on old Route 66 between Albuquerque and Gallup, little Grants has an intriguing museum and enough chain hotels and inexpensive restaurants to make it a fair base for...

  • Ice Cave and Bandera Crater

  • Jicarilla Apache Nation

  • Laguna Pueblo

  • Navajo Dam

    Navajo Dam is the name of a tiny town a few miles below Navajo Lake State Park, as well as the name of the dam itself. At the base of the dam lie the legendary "Quality Waters" of the San Juan...

  • Zuni Pueblo


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