Northwestern New Mexico Feature


Top Reasons to Go to Northwestern New Mexico

Chaco Canyon: Wander through the finely hewn sandstone ruins in Chaco Canyon and feel a mystic connection to Ancestral Puebloan cultures.

Route 66: Fugitive remnants of signage once brightly painted, now barely visible on a crumbling adobe building in Cubero; the old Puerco bridge; a lunch joint in Gallup—these are a few of the fascinating relics of historic Route 66 that await you.

Ancient Way Trail: The Ancient Way Trail of NM 53 compresses many of northwestern New Mexico's scenic wonders into one journey: Los Gigantes sandstone formations, ponderosa forest, El Malpais badlands, artisans along the trail—and then there's Zuni.

Bisti Badlands: Hoodoos and some of the strangest and most wonderful rock formations in the American Southwest can be found in this multicolored, crumbling landscape.

Acoma: This remarkably picturesque high-mesa landscape is the site of what many archaeologists agree is the oldest continually inhabited city in America.

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