Getting Here in Farmington


Getting Here

To get to Farmington from Albuquerque, take Interstate 25 north 17 mi to Bernalillo Exit 242 (NM 165/U.S. 550). Follow U.S. 550 (older maps may call this NM 44), 150 mi northwest to Bloomfield, then turn west on U.S. 64 and continue 15 mi into Farmington.

From Gallup, travelers may go via U.S. 491 or NM 371. The U.S. 491 route passes through historic trading post territory and is more scenic and about 20 mi shorter; NM 371 is the way to go if Chaco Canyon or the Bisti Badlands are on your agenda. Via U.S. 491 (older maps may call this NM 666): In Gallup, take U.S. 491 north from Interstate 40 Exit 20, and proceed 85 mi to Shiprock, then turn right (east) on U.S. 64 and continue 28 mi into Farmington. Via U.S. 371: Take Interstate 40 east 30 mi to Exit 53 (Thoreau), then take NM 371 north 106 mi. Both routes are highlights of the designated scenic byway, Trail of the Ancients.


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