Northeastern New Mexico: Places to Explore


  • Cimarron

    As you approach Cimarron from the south or east, you can't help but notice a massive, grayish-white pinnacle perched atop the mountain at the northwest edge of town. Known as the Tooth of Time, it indicated... Read more

  • Clayton

    Clayton, which lies flat on the high prairie at an elevation of 5,000 feet, seemingly grew up out of nothing. Downtown is sleepy and sunny, with the old-fashioned retro-veneer typical of little Western... Read more

  • Fort Union National Monument

  • Las Vegas

    The antithesis of the Nevada city that shares its name, Las Vegas, elevation 6,470 feet, is a town of about 15,000 that time appears to have passed by. For decades, Las Vegas was actually two towns divided... Read more

  • Mora

    Originally settled in 1835 by land grantees, Mora was seen by the Mexican government as a buffer between their territory and encroaching Americans. The town grew rapidly from the get-go, but refused to... Read more

  • Raton

    Raton's appealing setting at the foot of a lush mountain pass provides wide-open views of stepped mesas and sloping canyons from the higher points in town. Because of its rich history, abundance of motels... Read more

  • Springer

    A stroll under the shady oaks of Springer's main street is a journey into the past; if it weren't for the modern-day cars driving by, you might think Harry Truman was still president. Indeed, there's not... Read more