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Bank. A row or group of similar gaming machines.

Bankroll. The amount of money you have to gamble with.

Buy-in. The amount of cash you exchange for chips during a gaming session.

Cage. The casino cashier, where you can exchange your chips for cash.

Cheques (or Checks). The chips with money-equivalent values, used to place wagers at the tables.

Color Up. To exchange a stack of lower denomination chips for a few high-denomination chips. Dealers will ask if they can "color you up" before you leave their table. Say yes.

Comp. Short for complimentary (i.e., a freebie). Can be a drink, room, dinner, or show tickets from the casino.

Cut. A ritual splitting of a deck or cards performed after shuffling.

Eye-in-the-sky. The overhead video surveillance system and its human monitors in a casino.

Fill. When chips are brought to a table from the casino cage to refill a money rack that is low.

House. Another name for the casino's side of any bet, as in this sentence: "the house wins on any tie."

Layout. The printed felt covering of a particular table game, which states the game being offered, betting area, payout odds, and other pertinent information related to the playing of the game.

Marker. A player's IOU to the casino. Rather than buy in with cash, players who register for casino credit can sign a marker in exchange for chips at the table.

Match Play. A onetime bet voucher for a table game, often given as a perk by casinos.

Pit. A subdivision of the casino floor, with several adjacent gaming tables.

Pit Boss. A senior casino employee who supervises the gaming tables in a casino pit, settles player disputes, and authorizes comps. The pit boss can usually be found at a computer console in the middle of the pit, or patrolling the entire pit he is assigned to.

Players Club Card. A card with a magnetic stripe on it used to track a gambler's activities in a casino.

Progressive. A special kind of jackpot, often available to multiple tables or game machines that continues to grow until it's won.

Push. A Tie bet, where you neither win nor lose.

Rake. In poker, it's an amount the casino takes out of each pot as compensation for running the game. Usually it is 10% of the total pot, or a flat fee per hour, depending on the game or casino.

Shoe. A small box in a table game from which cards are dealt.

Sports Book. The casino area for sports betting.

Table Games. All games of chance such as blackjack and craps played against the casino with a dealer.

Toke. A tip (short for token, or token of your esteem). Usually given to dealers during play, to reward outstanding service, or celebrate a player's good fortune.

Updated: 2014-06-02

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