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It is virtually impossible to travel around the Montana plains without a car. One of the best things about driving here is the lack of traffic. Aside from a little bustle in Great Falls or Billings on weekdays in the late afternoon, gridlock and traffic jams are unheard of. The largest driving hazards will be slow-moving farming or ranching equipment, wranglers on horseback, herds of grazing livestock that refuse to move off the highway, and deer bounding over ditches in the evening. Driving gets a little hairy in winter, but not because of the amount of snow that falls, which is generally very little. Whiteouts, when winds tearing across the plains whip up the tiniest bit of snow into ground blizzards, are the most common hazard. Large drifts and slick roads become more problematic at higher elevations.

For information on road conditions, contact the Montana Department of Transportation.


Montana Department of Transportation 800/226–7623 or 511.

Montana Highway Patrol 406/444–3780.

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