Bus Travel

A dwindling number of bus companies connect most communities of 1,000 residents or more; smaller towns may not have service. Expect high ticket prices; depending on where you're going, taking the bus can be almost as expensive as flying, and because of the great expanse of Montana, it can take infinitely longer.


Greyhound Bus Lines 406/245–5116 or 800/231–2222. www.greyhound.com.

Karst Stage 406/556–3500. www.karststage.com.

Powder River Transportation 307/674–6188.

Rimrock Stages 406/245–7696 or 800/255–7655. www.rimrocktrailways.com.

Silver Eagle Shuttle Inc. 406/256–9793. www.montanacustomtours.com.

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