Getting Here and Around in Billings


Getting Here and Around

Several exits access Billings from I-90. Livingston lies 116 mi to the west and Miles City 145 mi to the east along the same highway. Great Falls, 219 mi northwest, is reached by following I-90 to U.S. 287, then I-15, or by taking U.S. 87 via Lewistown. A number of airlines serve Logan International Airport.

Although city planners in its first century did a fine job of laying out the constantly growing community of Billings, most growth in recent years, both residential and commercial, has been in what is commonly called the West End. The primary residential districts are on the northern and western sides, the industrial parks are on the city's southern and eastern perimeters, and a historic downtown district is a bit east of center. Major avenues ease the flow of traffic between the sectors, and downtown streets, which are primarily one-way, are logically numbered. Although most of the newer hotels and motels are in the western part of the city, the majority of tourist sights and better restaurants are downtown. Therefore, expect to do far more driving than walking to reach your destination. Locals complain mightily about rush-hour traffic, but gridlock is unheard of, and those from bigger metropolitan areas will wonder what the gripe is.


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