At country inns in the Southern Berkshires and the Pioneer Valley you can find traditional New England dinners strongly reminiscent of old England: double-cut pork chops, rack of lamb, game, Boston baked beans, Indian pudding, and the dubiously glorified "New England boiled dinner" (slow-boiled meat and vegetables). For those who come to the Berkshires to taste historical tradition, there is plenty of it on the menu.

If you prefer more creative contemporary fare, however, you will not be disappointed. There are various modern caf├ęs and trendy watering holes with inventive menus ranging from fusion cuisine to pizza with inspired toppings.

Perhaps most enticingly, an influx of multiculturalism to the Berkshires has resulted in a number of excellent international food options, especially in the Northern/Central region. In addition to the standard Chinese, Indian, and Thai, visitors can sample Peruvian, Spanish, Columbian, Malaysian, and much more.

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