The restaurant and music club on top of the dune are the main attractions at Cahoon Hollow Beach, which tends to draw younger and slightly rowdier crowds. It's a big Sunday-afternoon party place. The Beachcomber restaurant has paid parking, which is reimbursed when you buy something to eat or drink. Erosion has made getting to the beach a steep climb. Amenities: food and drink; lifeguards; parking (fee); toilets. Best for: partiers; surfing; swimming; walking.

Marconi Beach, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, is accessed via a very long and steep series of stairs lead down to the beach. it's also popular with surfcasters looking for striped bass or bluefish. Erosion from fierce storms has comprised beach access. Amenities : lifeguards; parking (fee); showers; toilets. Best for: sunrise; surfing; swimming; walking.

White Crest Beach is a prime surfer hangout where the dudes often spend more time waiting for waves than actually riding them. If you're up to the challenge, join one of the spontaneous volleyball games. The other challenge will be working your way down (and then up) to the water: Mother Nature and her fury have made this a steep trek. Amenities: lifeguards; parking (fee); toilets. Best for: sunrise; surfing; swimming; walking.




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