Boston Features


Boston Features

  • Top Things to Do in Boston

    The world's oldest commissioned warship (dubbed "Old Ironsides" thanks to her seemingly impenetrable oak hull), was launched in 1797. Even landlubbers... Read more

  • Boston Today

    Boston is the undisputed epicenter of American History. Much of the political ferment that spawned the nation took place here, and visitors are... Read more

  • What the Locals Do in Boston

    Locals mark off the seasons by checking the sports lineup. The "Boys of Summer" arrive each spring, and the Bruins come out of hibernation in... Read more

  • Boston with Kids

    Costs add up when you're traveling with kids, so do your wallet a favor and download a "Family Friendly ValuePass" ( Read more

  • Cheap Things to Do in Boston

    Freedom may not be free, but the Freedom Trail is. So are 13 of the 16 attractions lining its route, and many of those individual sites offer... Read more

  • Fenway Park

    For baseball fans of any age a trip to Fenway Park is a religious pilgrimage to see the home of former baseball greats such as Ted Williams and... Read more

  • Dining in the North End

    As the city's oldest residential area, the North End contains some remarkable Revolutionary history (including Paul Revere's home)—and some really... Read more

  • Dining in the South End

    Home to lovely Victorian brownstones, art galleries, and the city's most diverse crowd, the South End is Boston's cultural engine.... Read more

  • Boston Tours Worth Trying

    On Location Tours. On Location Tours (formerly Boston Movie Tours) takes you to Boston's television and movie hot spots like the South Boston... Read more

  • A Walking Tour of the Freedom Trail

    More than a route of historic sites, the Freedom Trail is a 2½-mi walk into history, bringing to life the events that exploded on the world during... Read more

  • A Walking Tour of the Black Heritage Trail

    Until the end of the 19th century the north side of opulent Beacon Hill contained a vibrant community of free blacks—more than 8,000 at its peak—who... Read more

  • Paul Revere's Ride

    Test: Paul Revere was (1) a patriot whose midnight ride helped ignite the American Revolution; (2) a part-time dentist; (3) a silversmith who... Read more

  • The Houses of Boston's Back Bay

    The Back Bay remains a living museum of urban Victorian-residential architecture. The earliest specimens are nearest to the Public Garden (there... Read more

  • South End's Prestige Lost

    Not long after its conception in the mid-1800s, the South End, somewhat unfairly, lost its elite status to the Back Bay. The literature of the... Read more

  • Cambridge and Its Universities

    Cambridge dates from 1630, when the Puritan leader John Winthrop chose this meadowland as the site of a carefully planned village he named Newtowne... Read more

  • It's Hip to Be Square

    In Cambridge any commercial area where three or more streets meet in a jumble of traffic and noise has been dubbed a "square." (There are literally... Read more

  • Boston's Student Eats

    As you wander through Cambridge it's safe to assume that almost every other person on the street attends a nearby institute of higher learning... Read more

  • Kid-Friendly Restaurants

    The vast majority of restaurants in Boston are happy to accommodate kids with simplified dishes and an out-of-the-way booth. Here are some particularly... Read more

  • Kid-Friendly Hotels in Boston

    Almost every Boston hotel allows kids, but a few go out of their way to make little ones feel welcome. The Fairmont Copley Plaza's resident Labrador... Read more

  • Lodging Alternatives

    Hotels are an obvious lodging choice, but they aren't your only option; there are plenty of other ways to stay in Boston, some with much more... Read more

  • What to Eat in Boston

    Not for nothing did Boston become known as the home of the bean and the cod: simple Yankee specialties—many of them of English origin—and traditional... Read more

  • Great Boston Chain Restaurants

    If you're on the go, you might want to try a local chain restaurant, where you can stop for a quick bite or get some takeout. The places listed... Read more

  • Cold Comforts

    Bostonians eat more ice cream per capita than anyone else in the U.S., according to an oft-repeated—though difficult to verify—factoid. Whether... Read more

  • Top Chef Travels: Ming Tsai's Boston

    Ming Tsai has made a name for himself as the premier chef of East-West cuisine. As the owner and chef of popular Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley... Read more

  • The Boston Marathon

    Though it missed being the first U.S. marathon by one year (the first, in 1896, went from Stamford, Connecticut, to New York City), the Boston... Read more

  • Candlepin Bowling

    Pool halls in Boston make a popular winter refuge for teens and university students (though some pool halls have age requirements of over 18... Read more

  • Frugal Fun

    The nightlife and arts options we list are worth their weight in gold. Yet if you're feeling the pinch, you can be entertained without dropping... Read more

  • Major Shopping Districts

    Boston's shops and department stores are concentrated in the area bounded by Quincy Market, the Back Bay, and Downtown. There are plenty of bargains... Read more

  • Blue-Law Blues

    Why do Boston bars close so early? Something of the old Puritan ethic of the Massachusetts Bay Colony lingers in the so-called "blue laws" that... Read more

  • Most Historic Pubs

    Bell in Hand Tavern, Faneuil Hall... Read more


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