Annapolis and Southern Maryland: Places to Explore


  • Annapolis

    In 1649 a group of Puritan settlers moved from Virginia to a spot at the mouth of the Severn River, where they established a community called Providence. Lord Baltimore, who held the royal charter to settle... Read more

  • Broomes Island

    An area without specific boundaries, Broomes is not even an island per se, except during a very high tide or in a strong storm. It's made up of little more than a few houses and stores, a post office... Read more

  • Chesapeake Beach

    This charming little town beside the Bay was founded at the close of the 19th century as a resort to rival those along the French Riviera. It was served by steamboats from Baltimore and by a railroad from... Read more

  • Lexington Park

    This military town is dominated by the Patuxent River Naval Air Station, which covers 25 mi of the shoreline at the mouth of the eponymous river. The station assists naval aviation operations by its research... Read more

  • Lusby

    Lusby is larger than either Port Republic or Broomes Island and has a town center as well as some of the big, convenience stores on its perimeter that are lacking in some of the smaller shore towns. And... Read more

  • North Beach

    In some ways a quieter, more-residential extension of Chesapeake Beach, North Beach has a fishing pier and a quiet boardwalk. When it was founded in 1900, it was a resort for family summer vacations, and... Read more

  • Point Lookout State Park

  • Port Republic

    Two sites in Port Republic, Christ Church and Port Republic School No. 7, are easy to miss simply because the sign for Port Republic from Route 765 points north, but the attractions are actually south... Read more

  • Port Tobacco

    One of the oldest communities in the East, Port Tobacco first existed as the Native American settlement of "Potopaco." (The similarity between this Native American name—meaning "the jutting of water inland"—and... Read more

  • Solomons

    On the tip of the peninsula, Solomons is where the Patuxent empties into the Chesapeake. The town has become a popular getaway for sailors, boaters, and affluent professionals. But it's still a laid-back... Read more

  • St. Mary's City

    An intrepid group of 140 English settlers sailed the Ark and the Dove up the Potomac and into one of its tributaries, the St. Mary's River. About halfway up, on an east bank, they founded St. Mary's City... Read more

  • Waldorf

    The lovely rural fields of other parts of eastern Maryland give way to developments and higher-density traffic when you reach Waldorf.... Read more