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From New Orleans, the fastest route to the River Road plantations is Interstate 10 west to Interstate 310 to Exit 6, River Road. Alternatives to the Great River Road are to continue on either Interstate 10 or U.S. 61 west; both have signs marking exits for various plantations. Route 18 runs along the west bank of the river, Route 44 on the east.

Interstate 10 and U.S. 190 run east-west through Baton Rouge. Interstate 12 heads east, connecting with north-south Interstate 55 and Interstate 59. U.S. 61 leads from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and north. Ferries across the Mississippi cost $1 per car; most bridges are free. Route 1 travels along False River, which is a blue "oxbow lake" created ages ago when the Mississippi changed its course and cut off this section. The drive along Interstate 10 will take one hour from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Expect the drive to take two hours if you take either Route 18 or 44, which wind around the river.

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