Kentucky Bluegrass Country Feature


When Is the Best Time to Visit?

Springtime in the Kentucky Bluegrass is stunning. The pastures are deep green, bordered by blooming dogwoods and redbuds in all their white and pink glory. Foals born the previous winter frolic near their mothers in the pastures. You might hit a rainy day or two, but warm, sunny days are frequent, and the chilly nights are great for sleeping. Fall is also a fine season, and you'll be rewarded with colorful foliage along the country lanes. Summer, especially July, August, and most of September, can be hot and humid. If your winter visit coincides with an inch or two of snow, the horse farms will be every bit as beautiful as any other time of year—and bourbon's legendary warming properties will be especially welcome. The Kentucky Derby Festival is held in the two weeks prior to Derby Day (the first Saturday in May) at Churchill Downs in Louisville. The annual international cross-country and steeplechase Rolex Three-Day Event is also held during the later part of April at the Kentucky Horse Park outside Lexington.

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