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Kinzie Hotel

Kinzie hotel was previously the Amalfi

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  • Aveda products
  • close to nightlife


  • rooms can be small
  • some guests have complained of noisy plumbing and water pressure problems

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Kinzie Hotel Review

With popular magazines on the desks and well-worn books on the shelves, this well-situated hot spot aims for a residential feel. Check out the complimentary reception every night from 5:30 to 7 for free drinks, Italian beer, and antipasti, among other treats. And unlike many other hotels' Continental breakfasts, this one is served on each floor rather than in the lobby. The clientele is eclectic and laid-back; the reception brings everyone together. A water wall in the lobby is cobalt blue, reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast.

    Hotel Details

  • 215 rooms, 5 suites
  • Rate includes breakfast.
  • Credit cards accepted.
Updated: 03-06-2014

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  • Service  

    Amalfi Hotel Chicago Review

    The room itself was fine and comfortable(very peaceful), but the customer service by the so-called, concierge or "experience something or the others" left much to be desired. First, I arrived and the doorman walked me to the desk. I was not greeted with the usual "Hello, welcome to...". Instead, I got, "Your name? ID?" No, "hello", no "welcome to the Amalfi Hotel," just plain old poor customer service from the very beginning! That left a very bad taste in my mouth, but I decided to let it go and see how the rest of my stay was. The next day, I had some questions about suggestions on where to go to eat dinner. We were looking for any restaurant that was Chicago-based, not the usual chain hotel, and moderately priced. I went downstairs and was confused as to which one was the concierge, since in normal hotels, the concierge was separate from everyone else. But, at the Amalfi, there are two desks with hotel staff and by the door is the podium where the doorman stands. Well, I thought for sure the one at the podium was the actual concierge, due to the fact that anyone who stood there was always so pleasant and attentive. Just in case, I asked the ladies at the desk where I could find the concierge. They replied that they were! One of them was the lady who originally checked me in. So, I tried my luck with the other one, instead. I explained what I was looking for, in terms of restaurants, and lo and behold, she couldn't think of any restaurants to recommend to me! She said she lives on the South Side of Chicago, so she doesn't know the restaurants around there very well. Ummm, I'm thinking that if you are a concierge, then whether you live there or not, you'd still make it your business to know things like that! So, the other lady gave me a few names of restaurants, instead. I realized later that there is a restaurant connected to their hotel, which they failed to mention! Then, on one occasion, my friend noticed the difference in treatment between one couple and other guests. The couple was made to wait and others were immediately waited on. When the other guests told them the couple was ahead of them, they took the couple's information, without asking them to have a seat, meanwhile proceeding to offer the other guest water while they were waiting. This was the same poor customer service I also received when I arrived, as mentioned above. Then, we decided to order in one night and proceeded to call and ask for restaurants that delivered and we were told that we could order room service, which would come from a nearby restaurant. We did not have a menu in our room, so her solution was to read me the menu over the phone! After much annoyance, I asked them to send someone up with the menu. Also, I noticed when we would go out for the day and come back, they would never say, "Good morning" or "Good Evening" when they saw us. That's what I am accustomed to at other hotels. My friend was so annoyed by this that one evening she passed by and then turned around and pleasantly said, "Good evening!" The response was a confused "Good evening," as if they were wondering why she said it! The other employees were quite pleasant, especially the doormen! They always greeted you warmly and asked you how your day was going! Housekeeping was ok, but after I left the room one day, I had to return because I forgot something. When I got back to the room the housekeeping cart was holding the door open, but the maid was not in the room! So, anyone could have gone in our room and stolen something. The continental breakfast was fine and I liked that it was on every floor. The wireless service was awful!!!!! My iPhone would not work properly the entire time I was there. Once I left the hotel, it was better! The manager ended up calling me(bill issues) and we spoke about the customer service at her hotel. She apologized for her staff, but failed to offer a reduction in the bill! $20 off would have been a nice good-will gesture. Maybe it's because I'm from Florida, which is a state that caters to tourists, that I am used to better customer service! But, I have traveled all over the world, as far as Japan and Ghana, & have received far better customer service, than at the Amalfi Hotel! Overall, there are many hotels in the downtown area, so don't waste your money on this one!

    by JAmerican2, 7/17/11

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