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  • Top Reasons to Go

    Kalaupapa Peninsula: Hike or take a mule ride down the world's tallest sea cliffs to a fascinating, historic community that still houses a few... Read more

  • Geology

    Roughly 1½ million years ago, two large volcanoes—Kamakou in the east and Mauna Loa in the west—broke the surface of the Pacific Ocean and... Read more

  • History

    Molokai is named in chants as the child of the moon goddess Hina. For centuries the island was occupied by native people, who took advantage of the... Read more

  • The Birthplace of Hula

    Tradition has it that, centuries ago, Lailai came to Molokai and lived on Puu Nana at Kaana. She brought the art of hula and taught it to the... Read more

  • Hawaii's First Saint

    A long-revered figure on Molokai and in Hawaii, Father Damien, who cared for the desperate patients at Kalaupapa, was elevated to sainthood in 2009.... Read more


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