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Road to Hana

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As you round the impossibly tight turn, a one-lane bridge comes into view. Beneath its worn surface, a lush forested gulch plummets toward the coast. The sound of rushing water fills the air, compelling you to search the overgrown hillside for waterfalls. This is the Road to Hana, a 55-mile journey into the unspoiled heart of Maui. Tracing a centuries-old path, the road begins as a well-paved highway in Kahului and ends in the tiny town of Hana on the island's rain-gouged windward side, spilling into a backcountry rarely visited by humans.

This drive is a Hawaii pilgrimage for those eager to experience what glossy magazines consider the "real" Hawaii. To most, the lure of Hana is its timelessness, and paired with the spectacular drive (which brings to life the old adage: the journey is the destination), this is one of Hawaii’s best experiences.

The drive begs to be taken at a leisurely pace. You’ll want to slow the passage of time to take in foliage-hugged ribbons of road, roadside banana bread stands, to swim beneath a waterfall, and to inhale the lush Maui tropics in all its glory. The Road to Hana is definitely one of the most beautiful drives on the planet.

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