Maui: Places to Explore


  • Central Maui

    Kahului, where you most likely landed when you arrived on Maui, is the industrial and commercial center of the island. West of Kahului is Wailuku, the county seat since 1950 and the most charming...

  • East Maui

    East Maui defies definition. Part hideaway for renegades, part escape for celebrities, this funky stretch of Maui surprises at every turn. You might find a smoothie shop that powers your afternoon...

  • Haleakala National Park

  • North Shore Maui

    Blasted by winter swells and wind, Maui's North Shore draws water-sports thrill seekers from around the world. But there's much more to this area of Maui than coastline. Inland, a lush,...

  • Road to Hana

    As you round the impossibly tight turn, a one-lane bridge comes into view. Beneath its worn surface, a lush forested gulch plummets toward the coast. The sound of rushing water fills the air,...

  • South Shore Maui

    Blessed by more than its fair share of sun, the southern shore of Haleakala was an undeveloped wilderness until the 1970s. Then the sun worshippers found it; now restaurants, condos, and luxury...

  • Upcountry Maui

    The west-facing upper slope of Haleakala is considered "Upcountry" by locals and is a hidden gem by most accounts. While this region is responsible for most of Maui's produce—lettuce, tomatoes,...

  • West Maui

    Separated from the remainder of the island by steep pali (cliffs), West Maui has a reputation for attitude and action. Once upon a time this was the haunt of whalers, missionaries, and the kings and...


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