Maui Features


Maui Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Maui

    The Road to Hana: Each curve of this legendary cliffside road pulls you deeper into the lush green rain forest of Maui's eastern shore.... Read more

  • Top Attractions in Maui

    Take time to trek down one of the trails into Haleakala National Park's massive bowl and see proof, at this dormant volcano, of how powerful... Read more

  • Maui and Hawaii Today

    When you experience Maui firsthand, it's hard not to gush about the long, perfect beaches, dramatic cliffs, greener-than-green rain forests... Read more

  • Maui's Top Beaches

    Ah, Maui's beaches: it's hard to single out just a few because the island's strands are so varied. The leeward shores of West and South Maui... Read more

  • Hawaiian History

    Hawaiian history is long and complex; a brief survey can put into context the ongoing renaissance of native arts and culture.... Read more

  • The Hawaiian Islands

    Oahu. The state's capital, Honolulu, is on Oahu; this is the center of Hawaii's economy and by far the most populated island in the chain—907,000... Read more

  • Hawaiian People and Their Culture

    By October 2010, Hawaii's population was more than 1.3 million with the majority of residents living on Oahu. Nine percent are Hawaiian or other... Read more

  • Top 10 Hawaiian Foods to Try

    Food in Hawaii is a reflection of the state's diverse cultural makeup and tropical location. Fresh seafood, organic fruits and vegetables, free-range... Read more

  • Only in Hawaii

    Traveling to Hawaii is as close as an American can get to visiting another country while staying within the United States. There's much to learn... Read more

  • Hawaii and the Environment

    Sustainability. It's a word rolling off everyone's tongues these days. In a place known as the most remote island chain in the world (check your... Read more

  • For Kids and Families

    With dozens of adventures to take, discoveries to make, and loads of kid-friendly beaches, Maui is a blast for families with children. The entire... Read more

  • Weddings and Honeymoons

    There's no question that Hawaii is one of the country's foremost honeymoon destinations. Romance is in the air here, and the white, sandy beaches... Read more

  • Cruising the Hawaiian Islands

    Cruising has become extremely popular in Hawaii. For first-time visitors, it's an excellent way to get a taste of all the Islands; and if you... Read more

  • Slack-Key Guitars and Ukuleles

    You may not think about Hawaii's music until you step off a plane on the Islands, and then there's no escaping it. It's a unique blend of the... Read more

  • Tips for Golfing on Maui

    Golf is golf, and Hawaii is part of the United States, but Island golf nevertheless has its own quirks. Here are a few tips to make your golf... Read more

  • Golf Tournaments

    Maui has a number of golf tournaments, most of which are of professional caliber and worth watching. Many are also televised nationally.... Read more

  • Places to Relax After a Round

    Among golf's great traditions is the so-called 19th hole. No matter how the first 18 go, the 19th is sure to offer comfort and cheer, not to... Read more

  • Wailuku First Friday

    Wailuku sheds its reputation as a quiet, sleepy town for First Friday, a lively block party that shuts down all of Market Street between 5:30... Read more

  • Tips for Day Hikes

    Hiking is a perfect way to see Maui. Just wear sturdy shoes to spare your ankles from a crash course in loose lava rock. At upper elevations... Read more

  • Cowboy Fun: Rodeos and Polo

    Paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) show off their skills at three major annual events: the Piiholo Cowboy Classic in September; the Oskie Rice Memorial... Read more

  • The Humpback's Winter Home

    The humpback whales' attraction to Maui is legendary, and seeing them between December and May is a highlight for many visitors. More than half... Read more

  • The Plate Lunch Tradition

    To experience Island history firsthand, take a seat at one of Hawaii's ubiquitous "plate lunch" eateries, where you'll be served a segmented... Read more


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