Honolulu and Oahu Experiences


Honolulu and Oahu Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Honolulu and Oahu

    Waves: Boogie board or surf some of the best breaks on the planet. Pearl Harbor: Remember Pearl Harbor with a visit to the Arizona memorial.... Read more

  • Oahu's Top Attractions

    Kailua is the beach you came to Hawaii for—and the reason why many have never left. This popular stretch of white, sandy beach on Oahu’s... Read more

  • Family Travel to Oahu

    With dozens of adventures, discoveries, and fun-filled beach days, Hawaii is a blast for kids of all ages. Even better, the things to do here do not... Read more

  • Oahu's Best Outdoor Adventures

    In a place surrounded by the ocean, water sports abound. Surfing. Snorkeling. Scuba diving. Hawaii has it all—and more. But that's just the sea.... Read more

  • The Hawaiian Islands

    Oahu. The state's capital, Honolulu, is on Oahu; this is the center of Hawaii's economy and by far the most populated island in the chain—976,000... Read more

  • Hawaiian History

    Hawaiian history is long and complex; a brief survey can put into context the ongoing renaissance of native arts and culture. Read more

  • Hawaii and the Environment

    Sustainability—it's a word rolling off everyone's tongues these days. In a place known as the most remote island chain in the world (check your... Read more

  • Hawaiian People and Their Culture

    By 2012, Hawaii's population was more than 1.3 million with the majority of residents living on Oahu. Ten percent are Hawaiian or other Pacific... Read more

  • Traditional Hawaiian Goods and Souvenirs

    Traveling to Hawaii is as close as an American can get to visiting another country while staying within the United States. There's much to learn and... Read more

  • Weddings and Honeymoons in Hawaii

    There's no question that Hawaii is one of the country's foremost honeymoon destinations. Romance is in the air here, and the white-sand beaches,... Read more

  • Top 10 Hawaiian Foods to Try

    Food in Hawaii is a reflection of the state's diverse cultural makeup and tropical location. Fresh seafood, organic fruits and vegetables,... Read more

  • Hawaiian Islands Cruises

    Cruising has become popular in Hawaii. They are a comparatively inexpensive way to see all of Hawaii, and you’ll save travel time by not having to... Read more

  • Sustainability

    Although sustainability is an effective buzzword and authentic direction for the Islands' dining establishments, 90% of Hawaii's food and energy is... Read more

  • Back-to-Basics Agriculture

    Emulating how the Hawaiian ancestors lived and returning to their simple ways of growing and sharing a variety of foods has become a statewide... Read more

  • Tourism and the Economy

    The over-$10 billion tourism industry represents a third of Hawaii's state income. Naturally, this dependency causes economic hardship as the... Read more

  • Sovereignty

    Political issues of sovereignty continue to divide Native Hawaiians, who have formed myriad organizations, each operating with a separate agenda and... Read more

  • Rise of Hawaiian Pride

    After Hawaii became a state in 1959, a process of Americanization began. Traditions were duly silenced in the name of citizenship. Teaching Hawaiian... Read more

  • Exploring Oahu Villages

    Tiny villages—generally consisting of a sign, store, a beach park, possibly a post office, and not much more—are strung along Kamehameha... Read more

  • Izakaya

    Japanese pub-restaurants, called izakaya (ee-ZAH-ka-ya), are sprouting up all over the Islands like matsutake mushrooms in a pine forest. They... Read more

  • Hawaiian Shrimp Snacks

    No drive to the North Shore is complete without a shrimp stop. Shrimp stands dot Kamehameha Highway from Kahaluu to Kahuku. For about $12, you can... Read more

  • Camping in Oahu

    If you are looking for a more rugged escape from the resorts of Waikiki, consider pitching a tent on the beach or in the mountains, where you have... Read more

  • Oahu Food Trucks

    Lunch wagons, or "food trucks" as they are now known around the country, have been an island staple for plate lunches for decades. With the... Read more

  • Oahu's Best Takeout

    For lunch at the beach, or a movie night in your hotel room, do as Islanders do: get takeout. (And in the Islands, incidentally, the proper term is... Read more

  • Condotels in Oahu

    One popular alternative in vacation lodging is a hybrid that encompasses aspects of both the condominium vacation rental and the full-service hotel.... Read more

  • Doris Duke's Shangri La in Honolulu

    The marriage of heiress Doris Duke, at age 23, to a much older man didn't last. But their around-the-world honeymoon did leave her with two lasting... Read more


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