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Oahu Food Trucks

Lunch wagons, or "food trucks" as they are now known around the country, have been a staple for plate lunches around Hawaii for decades, even before they were trendy. But now, with the taco-truck craze and the emergence of social media, more food trucks are popping up, serving an amazing variety of local flavors.

You can check the trucks' locations and daily menus on Twitter, or try a sampling from more than two dozen vendors at the monthly Eat the Street food-truck rally or the weekly Tacoako Tuesdays. Visit www.Streetgrindz.com for details.

Here are some of our favorite lunch wagons:

Camille's on Wheels (Twitter.com/Camillesonwheel) combines Mexican, American, and Asian flavors in tacos and other dishes. Check out the shoyu chicken tacos, homemade salsas, and any of the homemade desserts. Camille's uses local ingredients whenever possible.

Elena's (Twitter.com/ElenasFilipino) is an extension of the popular, family-run Filipino restaurant in Waipahu. There are three trucks, in Campbell, Mililani, and the airport area. Try the AFRO, an adobo–fried rice omelet, or the famous lechón (roast pork with onions and tomatoes) special.

Ono To Go (Twitter.com/Onotogo) has a regular spot on Sheridan Street off of King Street. It's open Monday through Saturday from 11 am until the food sells out—which is often, as the plate lunches are restaurant quality at lower prices. Best sellers are pork chops, teriyaki-citrus salmon, pulehu (fire-broiled) short ribs, poke, and roast turkey. Park on the street or at the car-repair shop next door.

Shogunai Tacos (Twitter.com/Shogunai_tacos) serves up hearty tacos with unique fillings that have Greek, Korean, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, and Japanese flavors. The most popular item is the Osaka Jo taco, which is brimming with pork marinated in ginger, shoyu, garlic, lemon, a special sauce, sprouts, and then sprinkled with furikake (shredded dried seaweed). Make it a meal with the Moroccan-inspired French fries.

Updated: 04-2013

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