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    Three Strikes!

    Strike One: The owner told me an untruth - that a piece of sandalwood smelled like sandalwood (could not detect any odor). I later found a similar piece in another gallery that DID smell like sandalwood. I think she had stored her piece improperly and can't believe she did not know that. Strike Two: emailed them for info on a category of pieces for my brother. Response was completely insulting and tactless because they considered the amount he wanted to pay too low. Found it online for LESS than he wanted to pay. Strike Three: TWO months after a purchase a $90 charge appeared on my VISA card. They said they had failed to charge me shipping and just discovered it. Since it was their mistake don't you think they could have at least called me or sent me a notice?? They have some nice furniture and turned pieces by local artists but so do other places and I will be patronizing the other places.

    by JaneBOi, 8/9/09

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