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  • Top Reasons to Go to Big Island

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: Catch the lava fireworks at night and explore newly made land, lava tubes, steam vents, and giant craters. Waipio... Read more

  • Sustainability

    Although sustainability is an effective buzzword and authentic direction for the Islands' dining establishments, 90% of Hawaii's food and energy is... Read more

  • Back-to-Basics Agriculture

    Emulating how the Hawaiian ancestors lived and returning to their simple ways of growing and sharing a variety of foods has become a statewide... Read more

  • Tourism and the Economy

    The over-$14.3-billion tourism industry represents a third of Hawaii's state income. With a record number of visitors coming to the Islands in 2012,... Read more

  • Sovereignty

    Political issues of sovereignty continue to divide Native Hawaiians, who have formed myriad organizations, each operating with a separate agenda and... Read more

  • Rise of Hawaiian Pride

    After the overthrow of the monarchy in 1893, a process of Americanization began. Traditions were duly silenced in the name of citizenship. Teaching... Read more

  • The Arts

    The Hawaiian Islands have inspired artistic expression from the time they were first inhabited. From ancient hula to digital filmmaking, the arts... Read more

  • Hawaii's Geology

    The Hawaiian Islands comprise more than just the islands inhabited and visited by humans. A total of 19 islands and atolls constitute the State of... Read more

  • Hawaiian Stargazing

    One advantage of being the most remote island chain in the world is that Hawaii has clarity of air found in few places on the planet. This, combined... Read more

  • Hawaii's Flora and Fauna

    More than 90% of native Hawaiian flora and fauna are endemic (they evolved into unique species here), like the koa tree and the yellow hibiscus.... Read more

  • Traditional Plate Lunches in Hawaii

    To experience island history firsthand, take a seat at one of Hawaii's popular "plate lunch" eateries, and order a segmented Styrofoam plate piled... Read more

  • Big Island Farm Tours

    As local ingredients continue to play a prominent role on Big Island menus, chefs and farmers are working together to support a burgeoning... Read more

  • The Big Day

    Choosing the Perfect Place. When choosing a location, remember that you really have two choices to make: the ceremony location and where to have... Read more

  • The Honeymoon

    Do you want champagne and strawberries delivered to your room each morning? A breathtaking swimming pool in which to float? A five-star... Read more

  • Cruising to Hawaii

    Carnival Cruises is great for families, with plenty of kid-friendly activities. Departing from Los Angeles or Vancouver, Carnival’s "fun ships"... Read more

  • Cruising within Hawaii

    Norwegian Cruise Lines is the only major operator to begin and end cruises in Hawaii. Pride of Hawaii (vintage America theme, family focus with... Read more

  • Mauna Kea's Telescopes

    There's a meeting of the minds on the mountaintop, with 13 telescopes operated by astronomers from around the world. Although the telescopes are... Read more

  • A Walking Tour of Hilo

    Put on some comfortable shoes, because all of the downtown destinations are within easy walking distance of each other. Start your excursion in... Read more

  • Banyan Drive's Trees

    The history of the giant trees lining Hilo's Banyan Drive is one of the Big Island's most interesting and least known stories. Altogether, some... Read more

  • Kona Coffee

    The Kona Coffee belt, some 16 miles long and about a mile wide, has been producing smooth, aromatic coffee for more than a century. The slopes of... Read more

  • Hawaiian Music on the Big Island

    It's easy to forget that Hawaii has its own music until you step off a plane onto the Islands—and then there's no escaping it. It's a unique... Read more


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